Thanks to our sponsors!

Select corporate or family sponsorship when buying your tickets and receive the following benefits:

  • Net proceeds benefit

  • Priority campsite reservation(s)

  • VIP access to hospitality lounge

  • Company/family name recognition

  • Multiple adult tickets

  • G.A.C. branded hats and shirts

  • Camp sites are limited and given to sponsors first

Corporate Sponsors

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Liebeck & Reed LLP

Family Sponsors

Scott and Eryn Myers - Austin, TX

Scott and Tess Haegelin - Austin, TX

Cole and Heather Gray - Dallas, TX

Chris and Lesley Siebenhausen - Dallas, TX

Scott and Renee Rice - Houston, TX

Gordon and Ashley Hall - Colleyville, TX

Pete and Robyn Underwood - Houston, TX

Ben and Ashley Rodgers - Houston, TX

Larry and Hillary Jackson - Dallas, TX

Jacob and Jenn Morse - Dallas, TX

Dusty and Megan Batsell - Denver, CO

Brett and Becky Fenn - Houston, TX

David and Bonnie McGehee  - Midland, TX

Jordan and Stephanie Fruge - Houston, TX

Jeremy and Jordan Teeple - Dallas, TX

Pat & Kelly Pattillo - Dallas, TX

Joy Gilmer - Weatherford, TX